Letter From Creswell Chamber Executive Board Members


A Letter from the Creswell Area Chamber of Commerce 

Hello Creswell Community, 

It comes as no surprise that the past year has been really tough for everyone. COVID-19 presented challenges and  struggles that were unprecedented for our community, our local businesses, our community leaders, and also for the Chamber of Commerce. These challenges and struggles caused unparalleled turnover in the leadership of the  Creswell Area Chamber of Commerce. A new Board of Directors has been elected and we stand ready and excited  to “Re-Engage” with the businesses and the community to promote the prosperity and future growth of Creswell.  

The Chamber recognized the economic uncertainty COVID-19 presented last year and made the decision not to  bill any business for membership dues as we felt it was the right thing to do. As we emerge from the fog of COVID,  our focus will be on encouraging economic development, supporting strategic/smart growth, and working with  our members on things that are important to our local business community.  

In order to survive and be successful, the Chamber needs active and engaged members, committees, volunteers,  and community support. We are actively working on several items to get the Chamber re-vitalized and operational  again. These items include: A plan to re-open our office with limited hours, reaching out to local businesses and  introducing ourselves, updating our website, soliciting comments/suggestions from our members, and exploring  opportunities to support educational and work training efforts. 

We look forward to meeting and working with each of you to ensure our community retains its charm and  remains a vibrant, attractive location for new families and businesses. 

Look for future communications regarding office hours and updated website. In the meantime, feel free to reach  out to us at any of the following email addresses: 

Chamber Office - Creswellchamber@gmail.com 

Bobby Ladley (Board President) - Creswellchamberpresident@gmail.com 

Jason Stubbs (Board Vice President) - Creswellchambervicepresident@gmail.com 

Daniel Merrill (Board Secretary) - Creswellchambersecretary@gmail.com 

Brandy McPherson (Board Treasurer) - Creswellchambertreasurer@gmail.com 

Raina Napper (Past Board President) - Creswellchamberpastpresident@gmail.com 


Your Creswell Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors